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MrsEvilPigeon's Fangirl Closet

Where dirty birds can gather and flock.

16 March
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  • mrsevilpigeon@livejournal.com
MrsEvilPigeon (also known as Lisa to some and as lisa0316 to some others) is a closeted fangirl, a frustrated scribbler, a pretentious hack and a poor speller. She spends her free time craving adult conversation and making stuff up in her head. Best known for her mediocre fanfiction, this filthy bird has also been spotted writing various grocery lists and ransom notes. She likes to feel popular, so she keeps all the interesting stuff hidden behind a lock in the hopes that you will ask to be her friend.

The pigeon lady lives in a very dirty nest in the Pacific Northwest with MrEvilPigeon and a couple of bad eggs. She enjoys sugar and rain, and she watches entirely too much television.